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AnimeInsights Now Has Real Hosting

Big news for the site – we have moved from our free hosting at X10Hosting. We are now paying for hosting through CertifiedHosting so we hope that means the site will run much smoother. We had a lot of issues with our previous host which is one of the reasons we pretty much ground to a halt in terms of posting. Between the constant and random site suspensions, the slow load times, and breaking of our site when they did server moves, we just got fed up with it.

After a couple of mistakes which led to at least one reinstall, the site is now up and running. There may still be a few minor issues here and there so if you spot anything please let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. We’re really excited about this move and hopefully we’ll start posting regularly again.

Make sure to double check your bookmarks if you had us bookmarked. Our old site was hosted at If you had us down as then you won’t experience any changes.

Cross Game (manga)

Cross Game

Cross Game is a romantic comedy/baseball manga created by Mitsuru Adachi that consists of 17 volumes serialized from May 2005 – February 2010. I originally heard about this series from a friend who highly recommended the anime. A few weeks ago I noticed that the show was on Hulu so I decided to check out an episode or two. Much to my surprise I was drawn in to the series quickly and watched about 20 episodes in two days (much to my dismay since I should have been studying).  Hulu didn’t have the entire series so I decided I’d just read the manga instead. It wasn’t too hard to find the entire series online and once I started reading it I finished it all in about three days.

For those wondering what the series is like, I would have to say that it should be considered “slice of life” with some baseball tossed in on the side. Don’t mistake this as a series like Slam Dunk! or even Prince of Tennis. It’s more about the character development than it is about the actual sport of baseball. I’m not by any means a fan of baseball (I really hate watching it since it’s so slow) but since the series isn’t that heavy on baseball and the action also goes pretty fast it doesn’t seem that bad.

Anyone that plans to watch the anime instead of reading the manga should be happy to know that for the 20 or so episodes of the anime I saw it followed very closely to the manga.
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Fall 2010 At A Glance: The World Only God Knows

Have you ever felt yourself wishing that all those hours you’ve invested into videogaming could actually be put to use in a positive way? That somehow the countless hours you spent earning 100% completions for each game you buy would contribute to saving the world? Not to burst anyone’s bubble but that is probably never going to happen. But if you take the time to watch one of this season’s hottest new shows, The World Only God Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai) , you will get the very amusing opportunity to see just what it “might” be like.

The World Only God Knows, an anime adaptation of the best selling manga by Tamiki Wakaki, is the story of Keima Katsuragi, an otaku gamer whose disdain for the real world is matched only by his potential to save it. Known across the net as “The Capturing God”, conqueror of over 10000 galges (short for “Gal Games”, essentially a dating sim), Keima is mislead into signing a binding contract with a demon from hell, in order to hunt down and capture “runaway spirits”. Selected for his purported ability to “conquer” any girl’s heart, he and his demon buddy, the adorable but air-headed Elsie set about the task of chasing out the evil spirts from the gaps within girl’s hearts, a task that quite often requires true love’s kiss. For the first time in his life a very reluctant Keima must put the skills he has honed in the virtual world to use in the reality he despises, as his very survival is dependent on the fulfillment of his contract with Elsie and her taskmasters in hell.
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