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Cosplay – Get ready for Fullmetal Alchemist


First off, Merry Christmas everyone!

Like a lot of people out there I’m spending my much needed break doing something to give me a break from all the studying of the last semester. A few months ago I got asked to join a Fullmetal Alchemist group with a few friends and I kind of put it on the back burner since I didn’t really have the time to work on it while school was going on. It was suggested that I go as Roy Mustang since I “have the hair for him.” That’s totally fine with me since he’s my favorite character out of the whole series. I find both Ed and Al to be a bit annoying at times. Don’t get me wrong – I loved the story; I just found their characters grating at certain points. On the other hand Mustang always keeps his cool and also who doesn’t like playing with fire?

I’m taking pictures throughout the construction process so once I get everything done I’ll put together a more thorough write up of the process. I’m taking a lot of cues from “And Sewing is Half the Battle” site as well as reading about general sewing tips. One of the keys to doing a good job with any project is to do your research. I’ve spent much of the past week on research and only a day or two on actual construction. I’m done with the pants after much struggling with attaching the zipper. As for fabric, I found some nice royal blue bottomweight fabric from Jo-ann (they call it Canvas Target). It’s actually 30% off right now, but you can find a 40% or 50% off coupon for even more savings.

Some Vocaloid Pickups and Announcement


We finally have some excellent hosting! Thanks to a recent server transfer masterfully orchestrated by pandamajik we will finally be able to bring you AnimeInsights unencumbered by month-long outages, slow load times, and a blogger interface that was enough to almost scare me away from posting entirely.  This is definitely big news as we will finally have a chance to bring you reviews of the Winter Anime Season much easier, and I will also be publishing a look back at the very exciting fall season I have enjoyed. Vocaloid posts will of course continue, but most importantly it will give us an opportunity to cover Ohayocon (which will be attending AND participating in) the way we want to. But for now lets take a look at another group of interesting selections from the wide world of Vocaloid….

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