Some Vocaloid Pickups and Announcement


We finally have some excellent hosting! Thanks to a recent server transfer masterfully orchestrated by pandamajik we will finally be able to bring you AnimeInsights unencumbered by month-long outages, slow load times, and a blogger interface that was enough to almost scare me away from posting entirely.  This is definitely big news as we will finally have a chance to bring you reviews of the Winter Anime Season much easier, and I will also be publishing a look back at the very exciting fall season I have enjoyed. Vocaloid posts will of course continue, but most importantly it will give us an opportunity to cover Ohayocon (which will be attending AND participating in) the way we want to. But for now lets take a look at another group of interesting selections from the wide world of Vocaloid….

Parades, ft. Miku Hatsune, by whoo
This song demonstrates the true potential of the new Miku Append Dark Voicebank.  Miku voice here is amazingly soothing and life-like, tuned to give just the perfect feel for a relaxing song like this. Something else by whoo for those interested: Dear Prudence

月西江“Moon of the West River” (My Translation…), ft. Miku Hatsune, by Solpie

This amazing piece featuring Miku singing mandarin was actually the source of quite a bit of controversy a few months ago (sigh racism, see here NSFW a tad). Made by a young Vocaloid producer from Guangxi, at the very least it is a strong effort from a native speaker with some amazing composition and mastering. Its very beautiful in my book (aka the book that can’t understand Mandarin) and features a PV with some very well made MikuMikuDance-shareware animations:

Happy Synthisizer, ft. Luka Megurine and GUMI, by Easypop/BETTI
Lets take a look at one more, featuring one of my favorite artists. Reaching #2 on NND Vocaran Charts last week this is yet another chill and fantastic pop song by one of my favorite groups. Man I really do hate their illustrations (just not how I imagine the Vocaloids, to each his own..,) they choose for their songs but everything else is just freaking amazing.Like this? Be sure to check out some of the best by them: My Room Disco Night, Twinkle x Twinkle, Cheap Time Disco

Have a great week everyone!

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