ColossalCon 2011 Live Blog – Masquerade



Well I just got into the masquerade after over an hour of waiting. It got slightly delayed because they had some technical issues apparently. It wasn’t too bad aside from the fact that I probably would have gotten about the same seat if I had not waited in line (by the time I got in the front half of the room was already filled and the only seat I could find that had access to a power socket (my laptop battery only lasts about an hour) was on the side of the room about 2/3 of the way back. Not exactly the best seat in the house. I’m torn about even bothering to take pictures of the cosplayers since it looks like I’m going to be blocked by some lights. For future reference the best place to take pictures are in the middle of the room to not be blocked by the lights setup on both sides in front of the stage.

8:25 PM

They just darkened the room and there are some white lights circling around from the front. Seems like the event is going to start soon. Wow, apparently there are still people trickling in. All seats are filled so it’s standing room only at this point.

8:31 PM

The MCs just got on stage and they’re now introducing all the judges.

They’re going to start with the skits now.

8:32 PM

The first skit features the Demonic Duo from Seikon no Qwazer and Devil May Cry. It’s hard to hear what they’re saying but now they’re doing a fight which is not too bad.

8:36 PM

The next skit has Gaara from Naruto. It’s titled “how not to be emo”

1) dance to a happy song. he dances to a song. Another Gaara comes out and they dance to Drogosta Din Tei. Now Temari joins the crowd and they now all start dancing to “All the Single Ladies”

8:41 PM

Next up is Hetalia starring Germany, France, Canada, Italy, and another country I didn’t catch. They’re going to do a dance. They dance to a few different songs including “Forget You”, “Misery”, and “It’s a Small World” among others. It’s not too bad since they’re actually incorporating in dancing that matches up with the lyrics in the songs. The reception is really good, probably due in part to the popularity of Hetalia.

8:44 PM

Next is Kagamine Rin and Lin from Vocaloid. This is going to be another dance. They’re in the standard white outfits and they have it choreographed out pretty well. I’m not well versed in Vocaloid so I’m not sure if they’re doing a dance from one of the actual videos but it seems like it is in which case it must have taken a lot of work to learn the entire thing. I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out since often the dances are mediocre and not too well done but these two definitely got the moves down. 5 minutes of choreography is a lot to memorize and the loud cheers and applause they received were well deserved.

8:50 PM

Next we have the Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl doing a little number. I talked to them earlier and they were really nice. They spent 3 months refinishing their helmets alone. They did something like the transformation dance and then at the end did a fushion-ha!

8:52 PM

Next up is a Kuroshitsuji skit. This is a dance set to a song in Japanese which I think is probably from the anime? Another well rehearsed choreography but there’s quite a bit that’s lost on me since I’m unfamiliar with the series. (side note – just ran into Chris who I haven’t seen in quite a while. He’s going to the Miyazaki panel so I might be able to get some info about that later from him).

8:55 PM

Vash from Trigun talking about Wolfwood. This is the same Vash from last night’s cosplay event. This is a monologue where at the end he says the world is filled with – LOVE AND PEACE! Kind of difficult to hear most of it since he went sans mic.

8:57 PM

Zero from Code Geass. He’s playing the violin and he’s actually quite good. He’s playing Viva la vida by Coldplay. He started out quite well but towards the end he got off key. Still really cool since he was doing it with the helmet on. I wonder what the visibility was like but he’s getting a standing ovation.

9:01 PM

Next up is a Death Note skit. L is going to present a lesson about borrowing. Ryuuk starts off carrying a sign saying Free Balloon Day. It involves a baloon that L stole but then it gets popped so they’re talking about turning themselves in. There’s a bit about how running is good for your buns and thighs and a guy runs up on stage and shakes his buns.

9:07 PM

This is going to be the last skit. This is a Rurouni Kenshin skit done by the people of AndSewingisHalftheBattle. It’s a whole song and dance number about “Master Knows Best” and features Kaoru, Kenshin, and his master.

9:17 PM

They’re now done with the skit section and are going to move on to cosplay – Walk-ons.

I’ll have to get the list from them later since I was just busy trying to take pictures of them all. They’re dark but hopefully I can make them look a bit better with a bit of processing.

9:45 PM

They finished all the walk-ons.

There’s now a ninja that’s doing the half time show. He’s the same guy who did the Bleach skits in previous years. The first thing he does is get some audience participants and they play a game – ninja ninja challenge. The first challenge is to read a really long attack name – it’s like 50 words long. The next challenge is about having ninja ninja energy. They have one person get blindfolded and holding a fork and they have to get ramen into another person’s mouth. At various times they have trolling faces fly across the screen. The left side team won both challenges and are the winners.

9:58 PM

The MCs are back on stage and ready to start presenting the awards.

The awards are as follows:


Honorable mention for craftsmanship – Adriana as Ichigo [Tokyo Mew Mew]

Honorable mention for craftsmanship – Marandah as Human Luna [Sailor Moon]

Honorable mention for craftsmanship – Elijah as Baby Mario (this guy was just so cute)

Honorable mention for craftsmanship – Elizabeth as Shunsui [Bleach]

Best Performance Junior – Naruto skit with the three girls

Best Craftsmanship Junior – Demonic Duo from Seikon no Qwazer and Devil May Cry


Renee’s Judge’s Award Performance – FML Productions – Death Note skit

Rachel’s Judge’s Award Performance – Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl

Best performance – Zero on the violin [Code Geass]


Andrew’s Judge’s Award Craftsmanship – Lady Ava and Oshi [Summer Wars]

Tracy’s Judge’s Award Craftsmanship – Juto and Zelphie [Magna Carta 2]

Melissa’s Judge’s Award Craftsmanship – Ohla [Y’s]

Cosplay Chair Award for Most Improvement – Emily as Link [Oudon Village outfit]

Best Accessories – Jesse as Ryuuk [Death Note]

Best Silhouette – Vanille [Final Fantasy]

Award from convention staff – Rei and Asuka [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

Novice Craftsmanship Honorable Mention – Jeremy as Lucario [Pokemon]

Novice Craftsmanship Honorable Mention – Alex as Terra [Final Fantasy]

Best Craftsmanship Novice – Luther Hamilton for his Simon [Gurren Lagann]

Journeymen Craftsmanship Honorable Mention – Alison Spooner for Ciel Phantomhive [Kuroshitsuji]

Best Craftsmanship Journeyman – Onion Knight and Chocobo [Final Fantasy]

Masters Craftsmanship Honorable Mention – Angel for Ryomou [Ikkitousen]

Best Craftsmanship Masters – Nick and Alex for their BlazBlue cosplays – Taokaka and Ragna

Best in show – Kenshin skit from AndSewingisHalftheBattle

Japan award – Katia as The Elementalist [Granada Espada]

She’s a girl with a large well done dress. apparently she’s just out of high school.

Nick’s group do amazing cosplays and they are well deserved of getting both the Best Novice and the Best Masters.

I’ll try to get the entire list from the staff and update this page ASAP.

Some suggestions for the future – teach the judges to speak clearer and louder so people can actually hear what they’re saying clearly. This also applies to people who are doing skits since they are sometimes hard to hear clearly. The staff/judges should also make an announcement for people to withhold clapping and cheering until the person actually gets on stage since they sometimes start cheering as soon as the person’s name is called and people can’t hear the name of the costume.

[Edit 6/12/2011 – Made corrections/updates to the list of Masquerade winners]

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  1. I would like to say that the two who did the dance skit to Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder for Kagamine Rin and Len were me (Rin) and my twin sister, Kailey (Len), it took us three days to learn the dance and we’ve been practicing that since last year.

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