We are a group of friends that decided to start a blog in March of 2010. It started off as a conversation over Skype one night and quickly moved onto actual execution. Within 2 weeks of planning we had the initial site set up and started getting some content as well as working out kinks with the technology side of things. We are currently using free hosting until we can get more funds to host it on a better server. As of Nov 27, 2010 we are now paying for hosting so it should speed things up and minimize downtime. We did buy the domain name since it would be easier for people to bookmark.

The site is running the newest version of WordPress. It uses the Elegant Box theme by mg12. It’s been modified by our very own azuki panda who has dabbled in CSS scripting. It’s been tested to work with Firefox 3+ and IE 7/8. It has been checked for cross browser compatibility but if you have any problems viewing it please send us an e-mail with your browser info and what the issue is.

A link to the welcome post.

This will be an info page about us, who we are, what we like to watch/read, and any other info. It might be kind of lengthy right now so we might cut back on some of it later.


Resident troll that actually has legitimate points that you are probably too pissed off at me to acknowledge

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About Me

I am in a similar boat with my fellow bloggers, everyday’s a hustle…in college. I browse the internet for news, information and whatever else I can get my hands on probably more than I should. I am open to most things except I am a person that knows what he wants and will stick to it stubbornly. I am all for being open-minded, but I hate it when people go to it on habit. I dislike rabid fanboy/fangirl-ism and probably will never understand it.What I do appreciate is the wide range of tastes from normal to niche that anime allows. Each to their own..just so long you are far enough away from me when you start hyperventilating and probably coming to an orgasm over how something is so awesome.

Lastly, if you’ve all seen Code Geass Season 2, then you probably remember the scene where Lelouch calls out Schneizel for only fighting battles he can win, well Schneizel’s me. I don’t believe in futility and I absolutely abhor regret. An impulsive Schneizel is where I stand right now…also I play Defense of the Ancients too.

My Tastes

I like to think when I watch my anime, I want my anime to come at me with something whether it’s from the plot or the characters or the conflicts. That doesn’t mean I only enjoy those kind of anime or like the what-the-hell-is-going-on kind of shows too. I like your standard power-up shows namely because I love rooting for the underdog, the inevitable victory. I also like the harrowing struggle in some shows; think Of Mice and Men and you’ll get the picture. Also if you look at my MAL profile, just take note that’s starting in 2005. I’ll watch anything and everything but I will also drop it with in the first 5 minutes if I am annoyed by some parts of it. In fact the only anime that I let play out was Eureka Seven and let’s just say Renton got his shit together in the proverbial neck of time.

Also, Yoko Kano is god, you will bow down to his music.

Favorite Anime in no particular order:

Ghost in the Shell (in any form), RahXephon, Cowboy Bebop, Last Exile, Initial D (1-4), Bokura Ga Ita, Full Metal Panic (in any form).

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About Me

I am an overworked (and yet still lazy) pre-med student with a serious and somewhat new found love for anime.  When not spending time writing for this blog you will probably find me struggling to stay ahead of my homework, playing Defense of the Ancients, watching University of Kentucky sports, and trying to learn as much as I can about a whole variety of things you find in this wonderful world of ours. I first discovered anime as a wee little child watching Farsi dubs of Captain Tsubasa while living abroad. It might have taken me another 12 years (with a little Pokemon thrown in) and a few more spent only with some excessive helpings of shonen (Bleach, Naruto, FMA) but I finally discovered the wonder that was Haruhi and the rest was history. As you read my posts you will probably find that I am a very informed but also very green anime blogger. I have only been watching material seriously since 2009 and while I know a lot about the series I enjoy there is so much more I don’t know. I am also a newly minted but HUGE vocaloid fan, ever since the day Miku Hatsune rocked my world in concert I have been listening to their songs (especially my cute, adorable Miku’s) almost non-stop. I look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with the rest of the Anime blogging community and hope to help make Anime Insights a success in its own right.

My Tastes

My previous affinity for shonen titles has now moved almost entirely to the realm of manga alone.  While I still love a good action series, I perfer those with more serious undertones (see Ga-Rei Zero, looking at you too now Angel Beats). I love light-hearted comedy and slice-of-life as long as the characters are interesting and the laughs frequent. Much the chagrin of some of our other writers perhaps, I have to say that I am not at all allergic to moe, and while I don’t seek it out, as long as it awesomely delivers (K-On, So-Ra-No-Wo-To) I will be right there watching it. From a romance perspective all I hope for is some realistic plot-lines and some feelings normal people can relate to; too much teasing and will-they-won’t-they and I’ll pass, you can probably take it for granted that forced ecchi is really not my thing (unfortunately Anime hasn’t much caught up to my tastes in this department, except you Good Ending!).

As you can see, I don’t care much about genres all I ask for is an intriguing premise and meaningful themes, or in the case of comedy some originality in the way standard anime gags are exploited for laughs. I love being shown even the smallest aspects of Japanese culture and language through the anime/manga medium and it just provides another layer of interest that keeps me coming back.

Current Top 5 Favorite Anime: Angel Beats!, Shakugan no Shana, Lucky Star, SoRaNoWoTo, Haruhi

Current Top 5 Characters (any media): Miku Hatsune, Kanade Tachibana, Suigintou, Shana, Hiiragi Kagami

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Tech guy, I make everything look pretty


About Me

I’m currently a med student. I’m also a recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. I’ve been watching anime since I was a kid living in Asia, but didn’t really start seriously watching it until middle school when I sneaked watching Adult Swim at night after my parents went to sleep. I really enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and got hooked by the amazing intro and music, but sadly I would always seem to watch it when they re-aired the “Stray Dog Strut” episode. I eventually managed to download the entire series (using Kazaa at the time since it was still early in the days of P2P) and it’s been one of my favorites ever since. I actually do not watch as much anime as some of my fellow writers because I split my time between watching TV shows, movies, and my other hobbies. Speaking of which, I’ve recently gotten into cosplay because it shares a lot in common with my other hobby of building plastic models (figures, mecha, etc.). Unlike a lot of other people who are anime/manga enthusiasts, I did not pursue Japanese as a language to learn. I do like to doodle but realized years ago my abilities would not enable me to pursue a career that involved the arts.

What I Like

My primary genres for anime include a lot of shonen, but I also will watch romantic comedies that definitely fall into the shojo category. I’ve watched a few in the Gundam series but haven’t seen anything new (I only watched like 5 episodes of SEED). Large explosions and hectic fight scenes are always enjoyable for me. As with descent, lately I’ve been trying to get into stuff that’s a bit deeper. At the end of the day anime is a way for me to get away from the grind of my daily life.

What I Don’t Like

I’m not really a fan of the really moe and overly cutesy stuff. I also get annoyed sometimes when I watch romantic comedies because usually the main female character is very dumb and naive so it can get frustrating to watch.


azuki panda, pewpewpanda

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  1. Ok, I think I finally got most of the kinks in the site layout worked out. Finally got around to styling the comments section so all authors regardless of whether or not the post belongs to you will have the background a different color to make it stand out more.

    A few more changes to the site that have been made:

    1) Better support for IE. Fixed the CSS code to draw the regions in the header correctly.

    2) We now have a favicon.ico (the cool little icon you see in your browser tab or when you bookmark the site).

    3) The post titles have been increased in font size and the color has been changed to make them stand out more.

    4) The link for comments at the bottom of each post on the front page has been changed to more of an orange color to complement the blue of the rest of the site.

    5) Spike’s arm in the banner drawn in.

    • You are straight up the man panda! The site looks kickass and ready to go, I feel all “official” now, so its time make magic and increase the readership.

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