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descent’s AMV of the Week

Today’s AMV feature one of our site’s current mascots, Shana from the anime/light novel series Shakugan no Shana. I first saw this well made video at my University’s anime club several months ago and really enjoyed how it showed off the first season of the anime. The video was produced all the way back in 2007 by ScorpionMP and you can find his other works on by following the embed link below to his channel. Kingdom Hearts and Rasmus fans might be familiar with the song “In the Shadows” that provides the background music for this 4-minute production.

Flames of Heaven-Shakugan no Shana, by ScorpionMP

descent’s AMV of the Week

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly AMV highlight. Tonight we have a somewhat lightly viewed AMV posted late last year by MissMissingHeart on Youtube. I discovered this  video right after my sisters forcibly introduced me to some Owl City over and over again during car rides and after become somewhat hooked on a few tunes, I started looking for AMVs featuring his work. This multiseries production features one of my favorite songs, Saltwater Room. Despite its scattered images it the tune is still fitting and the visuals set the right tone making it a solid production. 5 Centimeters per second is used very effectively. Enjoy:

descent’s Randomly Cool AMVs

Hey everyone, just dropping by to let you know that I am still alive. While schoolwork and fun have kept me from getting my work here up on time its nevertheless been an amazing anime and music-related weekend for me. I’ve did get the chance to watch the EPIC Haruhi Suzumiya movie (10/10), another excellent episode of Angel Beats which contained even more revelations and mystery, and while I might be late to the party I also watched the Miku Hatsune Giving Day Concert which was one helluva cool experience. The last was especially great cause after some skepticism I just had to come out an say to myself “what the hell, I like LOVE Vocaloid” and get over that particular stigma. I will have some reactions and analysis for all these coming later in the week but for now lets combine two of them to provide you with what I hope will be a new feature here on AI, “Randomly Cool AMVs”.¬† I will be putting up some AMVs I find interesting, neat, cute, ect each week so that you might find something new and enjoyable for yourself.

Let it be known that I am not by any means an avid AMV watcher or an “elitist” when it comes to quality or design. While some AMVs might be mind-blowingly well made they still don’t resonate with me if I can’t associate with anything in them. There are other times when you might something that lacks a bit in the synch and HD departments but is just so fitting you can’t help but like it. So for those of you who are also casual AMV fans I will try to provide some weekly links to something that might become your next personal favorite or simply a one time experience with a decently made being of anime-related media. (Yes both of the below videos are technically “MAD” but to me they are the same thing!!”.

So as I said before lets see what happens when you combine two of Miku Hatsune’s best songs with everyone’s favorite all-mighty schoolgirl, Haruhi Suzumiya. First off lets go with perhaps a “different” interpretation of what Haruhi is like set to Miku’s rather high-pitched but incredibly sweet “Melt” (with a little bit of help from one of her composers ryo of course):

And one whose lyrics are a little more fitting when it comes to Haruhi’s personality and her treatment of Kyon, also by the fabulous Miku, “World is Mine” (by ryo!):

(Personal Note: I love the way Miku holds her note pitch-perfect for a good 4-5 seconds about 3 minutes in, typically a feat used by an artist to show off their vocal ability, but it really is cheating when you are a Vocaloid. God I’m weird but its almost seems like a cute little in-joke to me.)

Well hopefully some of you will enjoy these two videos as much as I did. Look for more AI content coming throughout the week, good night!