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ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Sunday Photodump

Here’s the pictures from Sunday…there’s not that many.

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ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Saturday Photodump

I’ll organize these later. Just wanted to get all the pictures up first.

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ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Convention Finished

First off, it seems like this blog is actually getting a few hits. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the blog. I tried to document Colossalcon the best I could but let me know if there are any errors or if I missed something.

So I just got home not too long ago. I would have liked to stay for longer since the cost of being at the convention on Sunday alone was $15, but there just wasn’t really anything interesting to stay for. I checked ou the Ranma 1/2 panel run by Emily Stiver just because I knew her, but she was just showing some episodes of Ranma. She actually said that she wasn’t too enthusiastic about doing it and didn’t really prepare at all for it.

I wandered around for a bit, stopping by the “Plushie Wargames” event that was going on. I saw a kid with a shinai so I asked to take a look at it. This kid was at least 5″ tall so he should be using a 39 shinai. The shinai was about the length of a 38 but felt really heavy. He remarked that he just picked up a cheap $20 one with his friends and I just laughed and told him for $20 he could actually get a real one. That kid got totally robbed at the dealer’s room. The old lady from the Nurse Joy skit was also at the “Plushie Wargames” event.

Steve and I left the convention at around 12:30 PM after I snapped a few pics of the Dealer’s Room. There was a really long line for autographs and I didn’t really feel like standing in line to get autographs from people I don’t even know. I know of Vic, but I also hear he’s a huge pain to work with for conventions and is only nice to his fan(girl)s. Benson was staying for the LAMMO event and I’m not really into that so we went ahead and left.

I’ll try to get pics up by tonight, but I’m pretty tired from the weekend right now so I might go take a nap first.

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Post Cosplay Events

After the cosplay Steve, Jon, Emily and I headed over to the game room since they were going to have a Guilty Gear tournament. I figured I would try as well. It didn’t start until 11 PM but once it started it was over within half an hour since there was only 10 people competing. I lost my first match but Steve ended up winning the whole thing and getting a $10 gift certificate to GameStop.

I then headed over to the rave to check it out and saw Erin. There was only really one main group of people dancing so we went over to watch that. None of them really had that many good moves, a few people had some good acrobatics, there was one girl with poi, and then there was the guy on guy grinding. When it got to the second round of the guy on guy grinding I decided to leave.

We went to the Whose Line Uncensored which was actually really funny. They did a series of games including Freeze Tag in which you tag out someone in the scene when the person in charge says freeze. There was one that was “worst” in which they acted out scenes based on a certain topic (such as worst way to propose). Another game was to think of a superhero and then a situation and the first superhero has to give a name to the next character and so on.

After that I went to see if the Yakuza panel had started, but could not really get any information so I went back to the game room for a while. After about and hour I went back to try to find the Yakuza panel and ran into Erin and Haley. They were going to the rave but I decided to try to find the panel first. It ended up the panelist did not show. I couldn’t find Erin and Haley in the rave so I wandered around into the How to be Sweet 3 event.

That was just a really weird event. It’s just a combination of really odd things. The first thing after I walked in was two girls flashing the audience. There was also some showing of male genitalia and one guy accepted $20 to let someone of his choosing kick him in the balls.

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Cosplay Contest

7:23 PM

There was a long line that snaked outside just to get in, but the wait was actually only like 5 minutes.

Right now they’re just showing some funny pictures like the O Rly? Owl. Earlier there was some broadcast of the stage and a girl was ahaving a plushie dance to the music which helped entertain people for some time.

7:24 PM

All these random pictures almost makes me feel like I’m in a movie theatre watching the trivia before the movie starts.


7:27 PM

It just started. Lights go off, spotlight turns on. Sonia is the MC. Judges are Angel, Oshii (craftsmanship), Sugar, Splenda (craftsmanship).

Performance Judges – Ann, Cassie, Kikari, and Bobby.

7:30 PM

The judges are doing a skit. It’s a Pokemon skit in which a few Pokemon are complaining about not getting used. “There’s no me in team.” ….”well, actually there is…” At the end Pikachu is chosen and it’s level is “over 9000.” The rest of the Pokemon head off.

7:33 PM

Masquerade starts. Skits, first of which is a Sailor Moon dance with what looks to be Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

7:35 PM

Skit 2. Bishonen ananymous. First is a sign with “You cannot control your fangirls.” Dr. Jekyll from Get Backers is the character on stage. There are six steps.

  1. You cannot control your fangirls
  2. Do Not read fan fiction
  3. I LOVE restraining orders
  4. Refer fangirls to otaku anonymous
  5. Never provide fan service
  6. Quit being emo
  7. Final corollary – act masculine

7:44 PM

Skit 3. Titus and Yuna declare their love. It’s a duet between two people cosplaying Titus and Yuna.Wow, we just got Rickrolled. They’re doing the dance now.

7:47 PM

Skit 4. Familty that cosplays together stays together.It’s a One Piece thing. Husband, wife, and their little child.

7:48 PM

Skit 6 (skit 5 not here). Cool Rocks (Bleach). It’s Renji with a pre-recorded track. They just used the line “Is your name Gilette? Because you’re the best a man can get.” Steve actually made this joke earlier today around 2 PM. There’s some dancing going on, kind of disturbing.

7:52 PM

Skit 7. Memories (Meow). It’s Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist. Al wants to keep a kitty but Ed doesn’t let him.

7:54 PM

Skit 8. Bleach in a PSA. Starts out with Kon and the Cowboy Bebop music. Urahara comes on stage and they have a talk about all the different things that you can run into. The main problem is body odor – just take a shower and use soap. Yoruichi comes on stage after Kon gives Urahara pics of Yoruichi in the shower. Soi-fong comes on stage and gets the pics of Yoruichi. Probably the funniest one so far.

7:58 PM

Skit 9. Pyramid head is coming to town. It’s about pyramid head knicking on doors and trying to meet neighbors. State law requires that he notify people since he is an offender. It was well done.

8:01 PM

Skit 10. Tiki went down to Kalahari. It’s a live performance with actual violinists. The guy had some trouble hitting the higher notes when playing the Mario theme. Harmonics also didn’t sound too clean from either one.

8:06 PM

Skit 11. Devil’s Fruit Bar. It’s a One Piece skit. It’s supposed to be a commercial for “Devil’s Fruit Bar.” Makes you feel great.

8:09 PM

Skit 12. If Bleach was made in the 50s. 50s Bleach is just as American as baseball, guns. No shirt, no shoes, no fanservice. It’s colorsafe bleach. They started singing the song for 50s Bleach, but forgot halfway through. The recovery was quick though, about 5 seconds.

8:13 PM

Skit 13. Chocolate with Death. It’s the characters of Death Note trying to sell some chcolate. At the end they gave the MC some chocolate.

8:18 PM

Skit 14. Nurse Joy returns. Nurse Joy comes out and has several problems such as drinking. She just took the temperature by taking a thermometer and sticking it up the pokemon’s ass. I’m not sure if she realized thatwhenever she faced away from us and bent down you could see her underwear. The electric paddles she used was Pikachu. The pokemon dies so she introduces her next show, “Nurse Joy Iron Chef.” This is a really long skit and is really starting to just drag on. There is the occasional funny moment but overall the skit is just too slow.

8:29 PM

Skit 15. Paddeball Roy. He performed a lot of tricks with the paddleball. He’s been doing it for 5 years.

8:35 PM

Skit 18. We have never used a Gameshark. A Pokemon trainer comes on stage with a bunch of Pokemon plushies. The game froze because of the Gameshark. “Arghhh…..I just lost the game!”

8:38 PM

End of skits. There is now a half time show with a supposed Ramen eating contest.

The intermission showed a lot of Japanese commercials.

9:20 PM

Now showing Utada Hikaru’s MV Traveling.

9:25 PM

Now we’re back with the show and doing the walk ons.

From Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Cardcaptor Sakura, FF8, D Gray Man, Tales of Vesperia, Naruto, xxHolic, Shougeki Z Man, Bleach, C.C., Bleach, FF8, Fire Emblem Raidant Dawn, Elfen Lied, D. Gray Man, Trigun, Trigun, TF2 steampunk, Naruto, Fate Stay, Naruto, Pacman, FF5, Shy Guy, Crisis Core, Code Geass, Naruto (Kakashi), missed, pandora hears, Chrono Cross, Fushigi Yugi, Bleach, Death Note, Gravitation, FMA, Sonic, Klonoia 2, Howl, missed, Silent Hill, FLCL, Pokemon, Kingdom hearts, Inuyasha, Vampire something, FF13, FMA, Soul Calibur 4, Maria holic, Naruto (pic was blurry), DBZ, Bleach. That’s it for all the walk-ons.

9:43 PM


Swimsuit cosplay from yesterday

Most Hilarious – Tentacle

missed due to bad announcing

Most ccute – Blastoise

Best craftsmanship – Jedi swimsuit

Best swimsuit idea ever – couldn’t hear

Judges awards

  • Pyramid head skit
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Alice
  • Papillon from Buso Renkin (thanks Knuxie)
  • FF5 group
  • Nurse Joy returns
  • Shonen anonymous skit
  • FF13 – Lightening

Honorable Mentions

  • Best prop – Aizen from Bleach
  • Best makeup – Mazinger Z (Alea)
  • Skit award for the Death Note
  • Best performance – Bleach PSA
  • Best Craftsmanship – D Gray Man
  • Best Novice – Kingdom Hearts
  • Journeymen – Gurren Lagann
  • Journeymen – Bleach skit
  • Best Master – Fire Emblem
  • MC award – Fiddlers
  • Junior Skit – Ed and Al
  • Honorable mention – One Piece Family
  • Honorable mention – Little Alan from D Gray Man
  • Best Junior – Pokemon
  • Best in Show – Devil’s Fruit Bar

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ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Behind the Bebop: Edward

The speaker is the voice actor for Edward from Cowboy Bebop, Melissa Fahn. She comes from a background of Jazz musicians so she appreciates the music.

She liked doing the voice for Edward but she was alone in the studio. When she was doing original animation there is usually everyone together for recording the voices.

What’s the take on being such a lighthearted character on such a serious show?

It was interesting because I only recorded her scenes by herself so at first I didn’t really know what was going on except that it was just a goofy little girl who’s hacking. Once I saw the show it was interesting to see Ed and how she balances the deepness of the show.

Did you ever get to meet the rest of the cast?

Not ever in the studio. I knew some of them before from the anime circles. I never met Beau before.

Which is closest to your actual personality Gaz or Ed?

Probably Ed but Gaz is also part of me. Gaz was so cool because she could stand up for herself which is something she never did with 3 older brothers. This allowed me to channel it all through Gaz, but Ed was just goofy and funny.

What are some of your current projects and future works?

Currently working on Blue Dragon where I play bouquet. I’m also working on a video game with a gunslinging girl with a girl named Rosita. I can’t divulge anymore than that. I’m working on a movie called Blaze of Glory where I played Princess Hippodemia but it’s now called the Torch of Olympus. I also sings a lot and auditions for regular voice over for animation.

When did you realize that Cowboy Bebop was big?

When it first started airing on Adult Swim. I didn’t really hear buzz about it until after they were done.

As a voice actor you have to take a lot of the character’s personality traits. Which character did you have the most difficulty relating to?

Probably when I have to play a boy. Having to dig deep inside like for Rika on Digimon but it’s hard for someone who’s happy and optimistic.

What was your favorite episode?

I really loved the scene in the movie with the Jack-O-Lanterns. Coming up with the sing-songy stuff was also really great.

Ed has very unique physicality. Did you do that yourself?

Yes. I take on the character. There’s not really anyone watching you except for the director. I come from a dance/theatre background so I’m already very physical and it’s great. It’s liberating to let it out in the booth and if it brings something more to the character then all the better.

What was your first reaction when you saw Mushroom Samba?

I thought it was great. I loved it. It was awesome. Each episode is individual but there’s a great cohesiveness.

What’s your favorite Ed mannerism?

When she’s hunched over the computer and is distorting her body or rolling on the floor.

Is there any particular studio you would like to work for (for games)?

I don’t really know. I go where I’m called. I don’t always audition and sometimes I just get called. The recording sessions are greuling and sometimes seems like Groundhog Day because so much stuff has to be repeated for each differnt scenario.

How did you get involved in the voice over industry?

I have always been acting and performing since a kid. I took a part time job was for a commercial post production house which would do the editing on commercials. Voice over casting people would come over all the time to drop off some voice talent. I was the receptionist and was asked whether I did voice overs. She had recently just gotten an audition but they didn’t believe me because of my voice. I was asked to tape myself reading something so went to audition for the new voice of something and it went really well. I went to the callback and got to meet Max Fleicher’s son and said that I reminded him of the original voice of Betty Boop. I did toys, dolls, pop-up toaster, and other things. That’s how I got my start, I got a great agent and it was a great break for me. Then I started doing anime a few years after that when it was still beats in the headphone to denote when to speak.

Do you watch the shows that you voice for?

A lot of times I don’t even watch TV so I don’t have a lot of time to watch the anime that I voiced for. I have watched all of Cowboy Bebop and Invader Zim. I need to get the soundtracks. Sometimes I forget I’ve worked on a particular show.

Who do you like working with?

Michelle, Yuri Rosenthal, Brian Beacock, Jeff Nimoy

Do you remember any of Ed’s songs?

Exploration, exploration! Where aaarrreeee you? Are you here little spooky face creature? Edward wants choco-lata! It’s hard for me to remember some of the lines since they have like one minute to memorize the lines and then perform them, and then it’s on to the next.

It’s 10 minutes before the cosplay event starts so I’m going to head over to that so I can get decent seats. I did manage to get an autographed picture so that was pretty cool.

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Whose Line is it Anime

We were told that it’s the last year for Kiyo so we should watch it. After getting in they were just about to start a scene and the suggestion was for the Black Knight scene from Monty Python. I’m actually really disappointed since this scene is just so overused at this point that it’s not really that funny anymore.

I did just see a pink power ranger walk by outside though. There’s a pretty big crowd here – about 150 people.

The next game is called “Pokemon,” in which each person can only say one word. The task that they are supposed to do is sell a car at some time that I couldn’t really hear (I think it was at night?). One of the Pokemon will be “Little John.” I’m once again disappointed that they’re using things that are already overused at this point. This is starting to get boring so I’m going to head over to some panels.

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Toonami: A History

4:00 PM

I was kind of hoping to stop by the “Guy or Girl” panel for a little bit but it ended up being really full so they didn’t let anyone else in. I’m currently sitting and waiting for the Toonami panel to start.

While he was waiting for him computer to load up he asked a few questions such as what the name of the first host was or what the original lineup was. For anyone who is curious, the lineups are listed on the Toonami Wiki page.

He started with the intros from each of the days of the week. The speaker said that he got all of the video clips from old VHS tapes.

4:12 PM

There’s some technical issues going on right now – the video plays but he can’t get the audio to work. It’s not just the video file since he is trying to play a music file in Winamp and that’s not working either.

4:15 PM

The issue is resolved after plugging in another cable. Hmmm…..

4:19 PM

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this panel, but it’s nice going through a lot of the intros for Toonami. There are quite a few different intros since we’ve already gone through 6 for 1998.

4:21 PM

Lots of clapping for Super Friends and Dragonball. Johnny Quest is getting some cheers as well.

They created their own mixes for a lot of intros, except for Johnny Quest which was awesome already.

4:22 PM

They set the days of the week with a different intro every day. This started in 1999.

4:26 PM

There was large amount of cheering for ReBoot and the Thundercats there is a clip of some humping between two characters. The original host was Moltar which was from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

4:29 PM

We’re now watching the intro for the Powerpuff Girls and some people are singing along and clapping at the end.

4:31 PM

Watching the Sailor Moon Toonami introduction. The speaker says “I was way into that show.”

4:34 PM

Tundercat intro. Thundercaaaats HO!

4:35 PM

Lost Milk of Arabia commercial. Just because it was funny.

4:36 PM

TOM is shown and there is general rejoicing. This is actually when I started watching Toonami so I totally remember all this. The ship Absolution and everything. I thought the animation was so polished back then. The room is completely packed at this point and there’s probably 20 people standing in the back.

4:37 PM

There is currently talk about putting this on in the Pavilion later, but for now he just put all the clips on shuffle.

4:40 PM

Teamwork Toonami clip. Super Friends, Dragonball, Johnny Quest, and Sailor Moon.

4:42 PM

The original TOM, version 1 which is a small one.

4:44 PM

Apparently the pick your race person in WOW is the same as the voice actor for Megabyte from ReBoot.

4:45 PM

Dragonball Z intro with Frieza.

4:46 PM

Another Powerpuff Girls intro.

4:46 PM

Tenchi Muyo intro.

4:48 PM

Moltar introduces Sailor Moon with “17 new episodes never before seen on our shores.”

4:49 PM

Endless Waltz and Blue Sub No. 6 intro. There’s some Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing and Dragonball Z is also seen.

4:51 PM

He’s skipping along through numerous DBZ in order to show some of the other shows.

4:53 PM

Currently showing the Tenchi Muyo intro.

4:54 PM

Midnight Run with Voltron, Sailor Moon, and various other shows.

4:54 PM

Hamtaro intro.

4:54 PM

Char makes an appearance for a movie on March 6 2000.

4:55 PM

Ronin Warriors gets lots of requests and when it’s finally shown lots of people cheer for it.

4:56 PM

Big O and Outlaw Start are getting requests as well. Big O intro is being shown first. Someone in the audience shouts “It had the worst ending!”

4:57 PM

Cardcaptor Sakura intro – lots of girls cheer. I don’t think I ever watched that show.

4:58 PM

.hack//sign introduction with a large amount of cheering.

4:58 PM

Zoids: Chaotic Century Introduction.

4:58 PM

Outlaw Star introduction. I really liked this show but could never catch it all on Toonami so I remember I had to download it.

It’s 5:00 so the panel just ended. This was a really good panel since it brought back lots of good memories.

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Lunch Break

Well it turns out the AMV Wars was over by the time I got there so I walked around for about 5 minutes talking a few pictures here and there of various cosplayers. In the downtime I’m taking a lunch break and possibly preparing dinner since I’m not sure when I’ll have time later.

Some of the really good cosplayers I’ve seen today:

  • 3 Links, one of which was really really well done
  • a group of One Piece cosplayers
  • twins from Ouran High School
  • Domo-kun
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Cid (Chris Ilse)
  • Cloud (Josh)
  • a medic from TF2

ColossalCon 8 Live Blog – Manga as High Art

This panel was run by the guy who did the trope panel from earlier today.

I got in about halfway through because I was talking to Chris Ilse about conventions. By the time I got in the discussion was on manga vs. American comics. One of the things about manga is that they do a lot of different things and try to bring fresh ideas. American comics will often use the same characters such as Spider Man in which artist aspire to draw many of these well known characters. The Japanese manga artists aspire to make it big by making their own series and not just working on something that’s already there.

I sat in for about 10 minutes but quickly lost interest because it got kind of far off track.

As I’m typing this he seemed to be realizing that it’s getting into just the audience debating some certain points but has turned the discussion around. One of the ways to defend against people who ask why you are still reading “comics” is that manga often addresses more mature issues. Some older manga such as Vanguard may have just enough validity as Beowulf.

One of the audience members said that Kyo during the video game panel yesterday remarked that he learned to read by playing video games. I kind of want to check out the end of AMV Wars so I’m going to head over to that.