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Cool Afternoon Tidbit: Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue

BlazBlue fans forgive me! I admit that I knew nothing about this excellent new era fighting game until last weekend when I first saw it in action at ColossalCon9. I had a chance to watch several matches, including some featuring our very own pandamajik putting forth a very valiant and impressive effort in his first time picking up this game while playing as long-reaching Hakumen and the unorthodox Arakune. I enjoyed the highly varied fighting styles of the featured characters, including the one above, Noel Vermillion. The first thing that popped into my head when watching her stylized dual pistol-wielding martial arts style was that it was seemingly inspired by the fictional “Gun kata” form first featured in the movie Equilibrium (hint: the movie is bad).  Well surely enough Noel’s own BlazBlue Wiki page makes direct reference to it.

Noel has a very intriguing and admittedly cool-looking fighting style and a pretty badass looking ultimate attack. The highlight of this post is the Youtube video feature below, posted by GunblazeAkira featuring a variety of pretty awesome combos performed by Noel during a multiple fights. The video is set to the song “The Dark Side of the Light” performed by Fayan which is also an insert tune from the anime Ga-Rei Zero (descent’s take: 9/10, great series, the first episode will leave you with you mouth hanging wide open at the end, watch it!), which makes it decidedly more awesome. Even as a person who doesn’t typically play these games it is hard not to appreciate this. Enjoy and share your own thoughts below or on the video’s comment page:

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Heck, while we’re at it, how about one more video: