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Get Ready for ColossalCon 9


Get excited everyone! descent and I are going to be attending Colossalcon 9 this weekend and we will be providing everyone with up to the minute live blogging. For those who are not familiar, Colossalcon is hosted in Sandusky, OH (previously in Cleveland but since moved due to growing attendance). I was able to do some blogging last year at Colossalcon 8 and it seemed to be pretty popular so we will be continuing to provide what people like to see.

They already have a schedule for this year up on the main Colossalcon website.


I’m personally not very familiar with the guests and do not attend many of the panels of US voice actors but the list they have for autographs is as follows:


8pm J. Michael Tatum, Wendy Powell, Chris Cason @ panel room 2


2pm-3pm J. Michael Tatum
3pm-4pm Wendy Powell
4pm-5pm Chris Cason
6pm-7pm Aaron Dismuke, Cristina Vee
7pm-8pm Leah Clark
10pm-? Vic Mignogna


12pm-1pm Wendy Powell, Aaron Dismuke
1pm-2pm Chris Cason
2pm-3pm Vic Mignogna
2pm-3pm Aaron Dismuke **LOCATED IN THE KALAHARI LOBBY!!!**
3pm-4pm J. Michael Tatum
4pm-5pm Cristina Vee, Leah Clark
6pm-7pm Cristina Vee **LOCATED IN THE KALAHARI LOBBY**
7pm-8pm Todd Haberkorn
8pm-? Vic Mignogna


1pm-2pm Todd Haberkorn, J. Michael Tatum **LOCATED IN MAIN 1**
1pm-2pm Chris Cason, Wendy Powell, Leah Clark **LOCATED IN MAIN 2**
1pm-2pm Aaron Dismuke, Cristina Vee
2pm-3pm Vic Mignogna

My own panel

I will be personally doing a panel for the first time ever. My panel is on plastic modeling and will be on Friday at 6 PM. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to attend. It’ll be a lot of fun and I’ll be going over how to build a plastic model as well as demonstrating a few basic techniques.

Some additional information – I just recently acquired a Canon T2i DSLR camera so hopefully that means you’ll be able to expect some high quality pictures for our coverage of the convention. I will not be in cosplay for this convention because my Strider cosplay from Ohayocon had some issues staying together through the entire convention and I have not had the time to fix it up (link to a pic of the finished work). I am still working on getting a Megaman Zero cosplay together so be on the lookout for some updates on that in the coming months.

Also, as previously promised, we will be looking at switching up the characters featured in the main top banner.

Leave a comment if you have any character you would really like to see or if you have any input on what you want to see from our coverage at Colossalcon.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya licensed by Bandai Ent. America

This is not the real movie poster but it is funnier. Also it contains 2 spoilers but you won't know unless you've watched the movie.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of experiencing the new movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I won’t divulge any key details or anything, but if you are familiar with the first and second seasons of Haruhi, then this movie is required viewing. (If you are not familiar, then I urge you to watch them; the first season is especially highly recommended.) Already it is shooting to the top of everyone’s lists on sites such as MAL and AniDB, and has become an overnight hit even with people who hate the franchise. However, if you plan on watching the movie within the next 8 months, you have to watch a camrip with less-than-stellar quality. Or do you?

Bandai Entertainment America has recently announced that they have picked up Disappearance for release…well, sometime. They haven’t announced any dates for season 2 either, so it could be that they will be released simultaneously within the same time frame. But it could mean a shorter wait for those who want to get their hands on DVD/Blu-ray quality of what thousands (myself included) are already calling the movie event of the year.

What we do know, though, is that the movie will be screened a few times. Unfortunately for the A.I. team this will be nowhere near the east coast, but maybe a few of you readers will be lucky enough to catch the showings in San Fransisco on May 21 and in Hawaii in June.

More Midweek Angel Beats Fun

[singlepic id=315 w=640 h=480 float=center]

(Credit for picture and many thanks to graphic designer Moonie at AnimeSuki, please find his other amazing sig and wallpaper work here.)

Hello again! descent here to share some more Angel Beats! awesomeness from around the web. If you read my review you can tell I am just getting more into this show every week. It looks like Jun Maeda really has a winner here, especially for the way it has sparked so much interesting and often heated discussion across the web. Now on to some links:

  • To lead off again, the PV for this week’s episode, My Song (spoilers! duh, its your discretion)
  • SubSmith has translated the first chapter from the Illustrated Angel Beats novel, Track Zero. There is no spoiler material here just the start to what looks like a pretty awesome prequel story to the main anime arc. It appears to initially be focused on Yuri and Hinata. I thought it was a good read and even had a funny scene involving Tenshi and Yuri. Smith will not be continuing this translation but hopes someone will pick it up as the hype continues to build. There are seven released chapters so far. Many thanks to 戏言君 and hades9053 for the original Chinese translation.
  • Here is a gallery which includes a sample chapter from the Angel Beats 4-Koma which has been in serialization since December. This is actually pretty funny and I LOVE the chibi characters. Once again this is not yet being regularly scanlated(in English) but after this recent effort by SubSmith and the positive feed back I’m sure it will get picked up soon enough. There is another associated manga, Angel Beats: Heaven’s Door, but there are no current translations something that will hopefully change soon enough.
  • My interest in this Anime was first piqued by its awesome previews and it appears that this was the case for many others as well. Responding to that demand Tortise Fansubs has translated and packaged all 8 PV spots, 4 of which are 2 minutes plus and have provided them for your viewing pleasure.  Here is the Tortise sub of a behind the scenes production special, not necessarily my cup of tea but if your are fan of this stuff it is now available too. It is interesting how confident Maeda and his staff are in this show, there are many comments around the net and in interviews about their devotion and commitment to this project, hopefully it will continue its path to becoming a classic. I also didn’t know the Seto Hanayome director is directing this project as well.
  • Where did I get my awesome picture for this post? Want to use something like it for your wall paper? Well just follow this link to more of Moonie’s great work over at AnimeSuki where he has prepared several HQ wallpapers of Tenshi, Yuri, and others for your enjoyment (including what you see above).
  • Something for the figure and magazine collectors out there. A writer at Anime-Envoy recently received their Dengeki G Festival Deluxe Angel Beats collection. It includes some pics of the figure and super high quality magazine included. While this deserves to be here I must go on record saying I DO NOT approve of what they have done to Tenshi, in case you haven’t been able to tell I am NOT that kind of Anime fan (but its ok if you are!!).
  • Finally an update on the Tulip-TV character poll, thanks to all fans, otakus, and angel-connoisseurs everywhere for helping Tenshi over the hump ((here’s to you FlareKnight). Props to TK-fans as well ofc.

Hope everyone enjoys this, have a great week and keep looking forward to Episode 3: My Song, Broadcasting this Friday!

For all my homies…

I started watching, reading and following anime and manga actively during 2005. To satisfy my need I turned to various websites and IRC outlets to either read up on news, find torrents or just plain hope beyond hope that the new episode was subbed…30 minutes after the one just subbed.

So it saddens to me to see two of my old haunts disappear in the past month as the persons behind them move on in life. Scarywater and Random Curiosity, both of you’ve been great to the community and definitely left your mark on it. As the sun sets on this phase of your life, I wish you the best of luck in the next one.


K-ON! to Get Third Season Already?

Artefact over at Sankaku Complex has announced that the DVD preorders for K-ON!! (the second season) have already been put up on and, and the number of volumes slated to be released suggests that we may be getting more K-ON! than we previously expected. Read on for why.

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Midweek Angel Beats! Goodness

[singlepic id=79 w=320 h=240 float=center]

descent here, fighting through some manifestly unjust criticism of his new found love (obsession? no, not yet) for Angel Beats! to bring you a variety of links related to this season’s best new show:

First off here is the preview for this weeks episode, Angel Beats! 02 Guild

Interview with Jun Maeda, Angel Beats! Creator & Key Founder (NSFW! Its Sankaku and you know what that means…) Kindly transcribed and translated by Sankaku blogger Quen, I found this to be a very illuminating interview by Maeda, one that gives great insight into his creative process and personal motivations. Gotta respect a man who unabashedly plays fighters and RPGs only for the girls lol. There is plenty of Angel Beats!-related material and development stories as well. Links to the original interview and some interesting user comments (related mostly to learning Japanese) are also present.

Angel Beats 2nd Extended Preview, Subbed Here is a masterfully typeset (Karaoke included!) sub of the 2nd extended AB trailer by Youtube user desireesubs. This one has decidedly more post-ep 1 footage and offers more exciting tidbits for us viewers. But yes, gorgeous subs.

Angel Break Beats! ~by Yossy~ An excellent track adapted from the beautiful music in the first Angel Beats! trailer. You can find more by amazing work by Yossy, a Japanese artist, at his personal website: Studio Misty (note: Japanese, but navigable). The original track can also be found sans trailer here. (Note: I will have both versions available for download on Gendou’s Anime Music or Mediafire soon if someone doesn’t take care of it)

More from the official Japanese site, here is the official Character Concept Art (note: Japanese, omg Tenshi with emotions *gasp* I guess she technically did show them by sighing already)

While this isn’t my thing I’m sure someone might appreciate that fact that there is already Stepmania stages out for the Trailer track as well, you can find some vids of play-throughs here,  and a decidedly harder version (by my eye) here.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you are looking forward to another weekend of Angel Beats!

Bleach Returns! Will you be watching?

[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=center]

As reported by dyne over at Bleach Exile and various other sources around the web, Bleach will finally be returning to the manga storyline beginning with the episode airing April, 13th. The first three canonical episode titles have already been released and are as follows: #266 Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, #267 Connected Hearts! The Left Fist Prepared for Death!, and #268 Hatred and Jealousy, Orihime’s Dilemma.

It has been a rather painful 9 months or so folks. While I consider myself a pretty big Bleach fan, the drawn out and often uninteresting plot of the Zanpakuto Rebellion and Zanpakuto Tales arcs truly tried my patience and for the first time ever I found myself skipping episodes and not making plans to catch up on them later. I managed to casually watch about 50-60% of the filler episodes simply to see if there was any interesting developments, but even being non-canon the materialized Zanpakuto spirits where quite often personified in a manner such that the great power and skill of their wielders was almost entirely emasculated just for a couple of humorous gags. The annoying Hieneko and Zabimaru spent waaaay to much time on screen while much more intriguing personalities like Wabisuke were chosen as one-shot targets for the monster that is Kenpachi. Muramasa for all his power was in the end a rather uninteresting final enemy for the first arc and the hollow transformation at the end only served to make things a tad ridiculous in my opinion.

But all that is over now and the time have finally come for my favorite antagonist in the series, the Cuatro Espanda Ulquiorra Schriffer himself to take over the spotlight. In the next episodes we will finally see the beginning of my favorite fight so far in the Bleach storyline, a desperate conflict that will see Ichigo pushed to the brink of death and beyond in the effort to save his friends. This will happen of course at the hands of one the most cold-blooded and competent of Souske Aizen’s cohorts, a dispassionate being of incredible power who will learn a lesson of his own before the conflict is finished. I will do my best not to reveal anything else if you are only a watcher of the anime which last left us with the opening blows of this conflict in the weeks before the endless filler began. So if you are a fan of Bleach in all its forms (except senseless filler) be sure to tune in once again on April 13th to seem the return of awesome to the shonen universe we know and love. What part of the upcoming storyline are you looking forward to?

The Elder God Cthulhu, The Loli-Bringer

It appears that even Lovecraftian mythos is not safe from moe-fication. A recent light novel series in Japan called Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani has apparently become popular enough to garner itself a series of ONAs (original internet animations), which have been released to much fanfare.

The plot features Nyarlathotep, a Cthulhu deity, one day saving a normal high school student named Mahiro from an alien encounter, and then they have crazy adventures/sexytimes together. Though in concept, engaging in intercourse with a formless god of Cthulhu would not rank high on my personal bucket list (it’d be just below dating Miaka from Fushigi Yugi), the girl form of it does look extremely cute, and the series at least has to be hilarious. I mean, with a premise like that, how can it not be?

So I have high hopes for it. And what do you know? The ONA series is already out and subbed by ANBU. You can get it at their site.

I’m gonna go watch it now, and see loli Cthulhu at last!

NINJA EDIT: I watched it. Review pending! :3