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AnimeInsights Now Has Real Hosting

Big news for the site – we have moved from our free hosting at X10Hosting. We are now paying for hosting through CertifiedHosting so we hope that means the site will run much smoother. We had a lot of issues with our previous host which is one of the reasons we pretty much ground to a halt in terms of posting. Between the constant and random site suspensions, the slow load times, and breaking of our site when they did server moves, we just got fed up with it.

After a couple of mistakes which led to at least one reinstall, the site is now up and running. There may still be a few minor issues here and there so if you spot anything please let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. We’re really excited about this move and hopefully we’ll start posting regularly again.

Make sure to double check your bookmarks if you had us bookmarked. Our old site was hosted at If you had us down as then you won’t experience any changes.

I’m back too!

What’s up, guys. It’s ramenpoodle, back from the dead. While I’ve been gone, I’ve been trying out all sorts of new anime and visual novels to show to you guys, so stay tuned! Look forward to a review of Ever17 and and an Xbox 360 shmup called Deathsmiles. Maybe also some fall impressions and some new Buried Gems. If I feel like it. After all, i-it’s not like I’m doing this for your benefit or anything, baka!

…..and we’re back, I hope.

So yeah much like pandamajik said before me, life really hasn’t been kind with regards to our continued Anime blogging but hopefully that will start to change (at least for me). Starting today I am going to do my best to get involved here once more and start to bring back as much Anime, Manga, and Vocaloid content as I can. We are about 2-3 weeks into the Fall Anime Season, which pretty much is the perfect time to get started with doing reviews. Plenty of Vocaloid news has also occured in my absence, including the acceptance of my Ohayocon Panels, and I hope to discuss all of that as well. So once again, please forgive the length absence and be sure to keep an eye on us again!

Sorry for the Abscence

First off, apologies for the long downtime for the site. The downtime was caused by x10Hosting needing to migrate a lot of their servers due to issues with the backend not scaling well with the number of users. Again, we will be considering looking into paid hosting to make sure this type of problem does not happen (and to increase the speed of the site since we often experience slowdowns).

Second, I haven’t really been posting anything at all over the summer since Colossalcon. I will be going off to medical school in the fall but that does not mean I will no longer be with the site. I’ll still try to put aside a chunk of time to watch anime/read manga and maybe even go to a convention or two.

Get Ready for ColossalCon 9


Get excited everyone! descent and I are going to be attending Colossalcon 9 this weekend and we will be providing everyone with up to the minute live blogging. For those who are not familiar, Colossalcon is hosted in Sandusky, OH (previously in Cleveland but since moved due to growing attendance). I was able to do some blogging last year at Colossalcon 8 and it seemed to be pretty popular so we will be continuing to provide what people like to see.

They already have a schedule for this year up on the main Colossalcon website.


I’m personally not very familiar with the guests and do not attend many of the panels of US voice actors but the list they have for autographs is as follows:


8pm J. Michael Tatum, Wendy Powell, Chris Cason @ panel room 2


2pm-3pm J. Michael Tatum
3pm-4pm Wendy Powell
4pm-5pm Chris Cason
6pm-7pm Aaron Dismuke, Cristina Vee
7pm-8pm Leah Clark
10pm-? Vic Mignogna


12pm-1pm Wendy Powell, Aaron Dismuke
1pm-2pm Chris Cason
2pm-3pm Vic Mignogna
2pm-3pm Aaron Dismuke **LOCATED IN THE KALAHARI LOBBY!!!**
3pm-4pm J. Michael Tatum
4pm-5pm Cristina Vee, Leah Clark
6pm-7pm Cristina Vee **LOCATED IN THE KALAHARI LOBBY**
7pm-8pm Todd Haberkorn
8pm-? Vic Mignogna


1pm-2pm Todd Haberkorn, J. Michael Tatum **LOCATED IN MAIN 1**
1pm-2pm Chris Cason, Wendy Powell, Leah Clark **LOCATED IN MAIN 2**
1pm-2pm Aaron Dismuke, Cristina Vee
2pm-3pm Vic Mignogna

My own panel

I will be personally doing a panel for the first time ever. My panel is on plastic modeling and will be on Friday at 6 PM. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to attend. It’ll be a lot of fun and I’ll be going over how to build a plastic model as well as demonstrating a few basic techniques.

Some additional information – I just recently acquired a Canon T2i DSLR camera so hopefully that means you’ll be able to expect some high quality pictures for our coverage of the convention. I will not be in cosplay for this convention because my Strider cosplay from Ohayocon had some issues staying together through the entire convention and I have not had the time to fix it up (link to a pic of the finished work). I am still working on getting a Megaman Zero cosplay together so be on the lookout for some updates on that in the coming months.

Also, as previously promised, we will be looking at switching up the characters featured in the main top banner.

Leave a comment if you have any character you would really like to see or if you have any input on what you want to see from our coverage at Colossalcon.

Site Changes 2010-04-07

Updated the site again with a few minor cosmetic changes. I really like before and after pictures, so here are some pictures to help me illustrate what has actually changed since a few days ago:



(Top) Old banner with Spike's shoulder fixed; (Bottom) Changed background color

The main change to the banner is the background color. A reader commented that the original red and dark blue did not match the site very well so I have now switched it to an orange color. The color theme of the site is very light with the main accent colors being blue and orange. Those two colors are used primarily for links. Another fix is Spike’s shoulder has now been photoshopped in since it was originally cut off vertically about halfway. Read the rest of this entry


As the title says, I am new here so please take care of me like you would a small purple-haired girl in a tangerine box that has just appeared on your doorstep.

Hanyuu-in-a-box! XD

Kinda like this.

Well, I may have paraphrased slightly. Anyway, yeah. So I’m the RamenPoodle. I will be joining this blog as of…now, actually. To the admins of this blog that came before me, I am happy to be on board as one of your writers. I will do my best to tirelessly cover many aspects of Japanese culture, including but not limited to anime and manga. Also if something comes up that is newsworthy, such as a certain fantastic series being licensed or something like that, I will be sure to keep you guys informed. Along with descent I also plan to cover this season’s offerings. Currently I am slated to do Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and K-ON!! (oddly enough, both are series with exclamation marks). I might also talk about B Gata H Kei a bit if no one else does, lol.

As of now I’ve really only been into anime seriously for about three years and I’m sure that some of our future readers will be much more experienced than I, but I do have an aether-based existence on MyAnimeList and you can feel free to look at what I’ve watched and enjoyed if you want. I do rate series ridiculously high on that site for some reason so take my ratings with an ever-so-small grain of salt. Basically if it’s an 8 or higher then I recommend it, although I do recommend some 7s.

The main type of anime I enjoy is moe, slice of life, and romantic comedies, and I know admitting that on an anime-based blog is a lot like admitting you’re a racist in the middle of downtown Los Angeles; however, these interests are not exclusive. I also enjoy a good bit of action series, including those of psychological and horror genre.

In addition, I play tons of video games as well as visual novels, and will probably report on some of those as well. Currently I’m in the middle of Shuffle! Anyway, that’s pretty much me. I feel honored to be a part of this growing community, and wish you all well. My first review will be coming up shortly. For now, さよなら!
(That would be goodbye.)