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Colossalcon 2011 Live Blog – Friday Fashion Show and Cosplay


So my batteries kept running out for my external flash so I had to run back to my room to get the charger first.

The Friday Fashion Show and Cosplay is a much more laid back version of the Masquerade. It starts off with people going on stage in cosplay and was followed by people “acting” as their character.

Kuwabara makes an entrance every year and this year he did it bounding with energy, so much so that he actually ripped his undershirt.

They needed to stall for a few minutes so the two MCs who are also part of the Who’s Line troupe decide to do the question game. It’s got some funny moments in there. mostly revolving around the Kuwabara who’s got his shirt half off.

And now they’re back with a trivia challenge where the prizes are glow sticks.

In FMA, Winry’s dog has a automail limb. Which one is it?

In the manga Witch by Clamp, which gender are the angels? It’s a trick question – they don’t have a gender.

I can’t even understand what series they’re asking about for the next question. All I know is that it’s a Clamp series. Apparently they were watching X the movie.

In Ergo Proxy the name of the proxy that is held captive in Rondo is what?

In FFX the little boy wants to be something unusual when he grows up. What is it? He wants to be a Blitzball.

In NGE, what is the name of the final angel?

Kaleidostar has a very famous director. Name another one of his works. Princess Tutu

I think they’ve run out of stalling content.

Now they’re showing a “half time” video. They’re going to show some AMVs

Nostromo – Running Man

Next is a Haruhi Suzumiya AMV (contains lyrics like “i like the way you talk to me i like the way you look at me” and some other English mixed into a Japanese song that has rap elements. – might be Skittles

No idea what the last one was – it was some horror series.

Followed by jihaku – Foo Fighters Best of You

Next is Matchbox 20 – Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

The Race edited by Hito


Fashion Show – Couldn’t hear over everyone screaming

Next is a special prize for Ichigo (girl)

There’s an excellent lolita outfit for a guy

They either need to display these on the screen or hold off on applause because I can barely hear anything. The judges also are not speaking totally clearly.

Next is for Orharra from Star Trek

Next is a award for Boogie Woogie – he was in a gar suit and did a funny dance

East Asian category

3rd – Rachel for Lina Inverse

2nd – Emily for April (from Trinity Blood)

1st – Shawn for Vash the Stampede (Trigun) – he had all the accessories including a duffel bag

Character Portrayal

Talia for Tensa Zengetsu – she sang a song

Hitaachin boys from Ouran

2nd place – Ryuuk from Death Note

1st place – Sebastian from Black Butler – he did a whole monologue (I believe it was from the first chapter)