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Winners of Ohayocon Skit Disqualified….4 Days After?

Browsing through the Ohayocon forums I noticed a thread titled “Performance Announcement, A skit has been disqualified.

I had to do a double take as this seemed like an odd thread to pop up days after Ohayocon ended. I thought this surely must be a joke or something. The post by the staff read as such:

It has come to our attention that skit number 6 in the masquerade did not show up for their rehearsal appointment. That is the Gurren Lagann skit that won best performance in the journeymen division. According to Ohayocon rules all participants must attend the rehearsal or be disqualified. The judges were not notified that this entrant did not show up for rehearsal and were not aware of the fact that they were competing under a disqualified status. Also it has been brought to our attention that the skit that was featured during the masquerade had been modified from it’s original format that had been pre-judged. The fact that the performers were using microphones instead of pre-recorded material made this possible. We apologize to any attendees who found found certain aspects of this skit rude or offensive, what was performed was not the same skit that was pre-judged and approved for performance under our guidelines. So with that said we are officially disqualifying the skit and revoking their award status. Since there were no other entrants in the journeymen division the award shall remain vacant as there was no other competition.

We apologize again for this incident and hope that it does not ruin your opinion of the Ohayocon masquerade.

Below we have quoted several of the rules for clarification.

Thank you,

The Ohayocon Cosplay Staff

“Performance Rehearsal is at 4:30P on Saturday and is mandatory. Doors will be locked and no further participants allowed in at 4:35P. Participants failing to arrive will be DISQUALIFIED.”

“Participants will be expected to perform exactly how they intend to at the Masquerade.”

“This is an all-ages convention, so your actions and speech must reflect that. The rating of the material in the performance should not go much over PG/ TV PG- bordering on PG13. Actions, dress, or mannerisms that would not be allowed on a public street must be avoided. Specifically, the following must be avoided: explicit sexual gestures, nudity, and explicit swearing (i.e. Seven Forbidden Words of TV). Think about your material as such- if you cannot perform it for a first grade class or your grandmother’s friends- you probably need to tone it down. The Ohayocon Masquerade is an all ages event and there will be very young congers in attendance. Violating these rules will disqualify you and possibly result in being escorted off the premises.”

“Feel free to surprise the audience, but not the Cosplay Staff. If you are planning something “unique,” you must petition the Cosplay Coordinator IN ADVANCE to get it approved. ”

– posted by strangeknowledge on 2/2/2011, 4:24 PM

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ColossalCon 2010 Live Blog – Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. Zombies


I was only in this panel for a short while since I got in about half way and I was having issues accessing the internet. The panel is exactly what the title implies – it’s a discussion of who would win in a fight between the three. When I got in they were on the topic of zombies in which they were talking a bit about what stores have zombie emergency plans. Apparently Dick’s Sporting Goods has a really good plan in their system in which they camp out for two days and uses the fact that most Dick’s Sporting Goods are located in malls, meaning they plan on taking over the mall.

There was some discussion about ninjas and if ninjas would be able to win against zombies from the Left 4 Dead series. It was difficult to hear since everyone was talking at once. There was also a question of certain ninja-pirate matchups such as Johnny Depp vs Naruto which is probably one of the worst examples of a ninja. The “ninja” section seemed very displeased and gave Ryu Hyabusa for a much better example (from Ninja Gaiden).

While walking back to my room I saw Zaid in his Aladdin cosplay. Zaid is like the perfect match for both Aladdin and Spike Spiegal. I’ve heard about him and we have some mutual friends but this was my first time meeting him and introducing myself.